Metrinomics – Customer Experience in B2B

Designing and managing worldwide B2B customer feedback programs

Metrinomics is a consulting company with focus on customer experience in B2B markets. When it comes to set up a running program, we provide services that reach into the workflow and processes of our clients. Our thinking is practical and action oriented. We have seen many programs develop over years, and are able to think end to start. We have a deep mathematical understanding of the interplay of people and topics in B2B relations and purchasing decisions. Our special strength is the activation of C-level deciders to participate in feedback programs.

How to design a program that works?

B2B relations appear to be especially rich and intense, with lots of interaction points and lots of people involved. Isn’t there feedback in all situations anyway? Yes, but scattered. There is no way to collect and verify a consistent data pool. Consistent data however are the precondition to take action that makes sense. Taking action, initiating changes in interaction, finally is what secures the buy-in of all participants. Knowing the end before you start, is important to be successful. Define what you want to achieve. Metrinomics are the program architects who secure that you raise a building that finally everybody will be proud of and that everybody will use. Suddenly you have a learning relationship, where operational as well as strategic positions are being expressed, knowing that this will lead to improvements.

How to get good quality of feedback from B2B deciders?

Customers as partners are interested in a smooth relationship with a clear win-win situation. A closed feedback loop adds on to both sides. The question is that of style: how does feedback in itself already add to a good customer experience? Metrinomics sets up feedback systems that fulfill these requirements. Your customer will love it. Metrinomics creates a situation of respect and competence that opens customers and achieves their active involvement.

Governance is key

How big is the confusion once there are more than 20 different teams from the same supplier company collecting feedback from customers! Interview dates are not synchronized, content overlaps, nobody controls action and effect, and often enough there is none. For a successful program, governance is key. A set of rules that apply to all teams, a data structure that all can work with, added value to supply to all teams, integration with the existing workflow and communication reality. A governance system is key to measuring success and transparency for all.

Action, analysis, action

Collecting data, analyzing success drivers, spreading the knowledge across the people in charge, makes no sense if the data do not drive action. Designing a B2B customer experience program requires to think from end to start. Action being taken, has it had an effect? Analytics and action must work hand-in-hand. B2B customer analytics, however, holds more challenges to be met: a small number of cases, cultural diversity, a high impact of qualitative aspects. Metrinomics is an experienced integrator to supply a condensed view of multi-level interaction.

Triggers, alarms and critical signals

In an established interaction between customer and supplier, minor frictions are expected and accepted. Major problems however need to be addressed immediately. Customer feedback data frequently reveal critical problems that are being made a topic by customers. Metrinomics provide automated alert and alarm systems for feedback cases leaving the normal context and corridor of answers.

We provide the technical platform and operational support

Also in B2B, to involve customers in a closed loop of adjustments, essential parts of the data is generated through interviews. Other parts are picked up along the interaction journey with the customer. To join all the data sources to speak one language, an integration logic is required. Metrinomics acts as an integrator and – if required – provides the platform to collect data, analyze them, distribute the results. Metrinomics’ affiliate company Metrivox takes care for technical operations, Metrinomics for supporting your teams on a daily base, if necessary. But don’t worry, they will be able to walk alone.

Metrinomics B2B executive feedback

Executives don’t give feedback? They do, if they see a convincing approach that creates win-win situations. But then, how to make the best out of it? Here is a short description of how we at Metrinomics approach the question.

The Customer Experience Handbook by Hans-Jürgen Schmolke

Growing a Customer Centric Culture
Growing a Customer Sensitive Network

  • Customer Centricity – where to start?
  • How to grow it step by step?
  • How to use technology to make it efficient?
  • How keep the feet on the ground in times of digitalization?

‘Customers don’t want to give feedback!’

There is a lot of confusion about interviewing. There have been too many interviews around that never had any effect. There is confusing privacy rules which raise doubts. Don’t even listen. Customer Experience programs are not about interviewing – they are about closed loops between customer and supplier, they are part of the process world. Interviews are one of the forms to close the loop. But we don’t talk about opinion in this case, we talk about professional information exchange, like the one during contract negotiations. Many cases show, where circuits are really closed, where customer reaction triggers supplyer action, customer participation rises from year to year and reaches levels above 60%.