Designing and managing worldwide B2B customer feedback programs

Metrinomics is a consulting company with focus on customer experience in B2B markets. When it comes to set up a running program, we provide services that reach into the workflow and processes of our clients. Our thinking is practical and action oriented. We have seen many programs develop over years, and are able to think end to start. We have a deep mathematical understanding of the interplay of people and topics in B2B relations and purchasing decisions. Our special strength is the activation of C-level deciders to participate in feedback programs.

‘Customers don’t want to give feedback!’

There is a lot of confusion about interviewing. There have been too many interviews around that never had any effect. There is confusing privacy rules which raise doubts. Don’t even listen. Customer Experience programs are not about interviewing – they are about closed loops between customer and supplier, they are part of the process world. Interviews are one of the forms to close the loop. But we don’t talk about opinion in this case, we talk about professional information exchange, like the one during contract negotiations. Many cases show, where circuits are really closed, where  customer reaction triggers supplyer action, customer participation rises from year to year and reaches levels above 60%.

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