Metrinomics Consulting and Metrinomics Solutions

METRINOMICS is a consulting company that takes leadership in worldwide customer experience programs for customers in the B2B tech environment. We develop feedback systems, implement them and in large parts provide them as a managed service. Over the years, much of the experience with running such programs has lead to technology developments in three areas that have now been outsourced into affiliate companies. It is the intention to find industrial partners to join forces to bring customer analytics and service orchestration to the next operational level.

The first – METRIVOX – is focused on feedback organization by a platform:
– feedback governance, feedback platform, analytics, reporting
– user self management
– IT integration, SSO
– triggering and action motor
This governance platform for feedback of all kinds, is the core of METRIVOX. Metrivox supports users and headquarters of customers in more than 60 countries.

A second – MAGIOLA – has developed around the customer analytics tool box. What information is relevant for business success? How to reduce complexity and see more? How to evaluate subjective value? All this insight is being used in an algorithmical way to handle data streams. Streams need to be assessed and categorized case by case to generate action that interferes. This range of activities has been outsourced into the daughter ‘MAGIOLA’. Magiola sells data streaming of usage data, enriched with the help of a subjective quality reference.

The third – UIOLA – is positioned in the IoT arena. The core of Uiola is data management and value optimization. UIOLA assumes a value stream that is being created between various suppliers of large and small elements, coming together to provide a service. Uiola checks the quality of value chains across (IoT) platforms from the user perspective in the context of usage.